Outdoor Kitchens

You can take advantage of the sunny surfers paradise weather by building an outdoor kitchen.

This works especially well if you want to set up a grill for parties or if you want to set up a restaurant with a casual feel.

Are you looking for a laidback and classic alternative? Brick kitchen setups are also a popular option. Brick kitchens can feel warm and welcoming which is perfect for casual restaurants. To add to the appeal we can even make it an open design in which diners can see your grill at work.

sAlfresco style kitchens are also very sought after. If you have a garden area that you want to transform into a kitchen for outdoor parties, we can help you set it up so it feels inviting. After all what better way to bond with your family, friends and loved ones than over a shared meal.

Best known for how quickly they can be set up, modular outdoor kitchens provide a great option for those who want a simple, reliable layout that lets them enjoy barbecues and have a great time. We can install high quality equipment such as cooktops, grills, shelves and propane tanks that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor kitchen for a long time.

Whatever outdoor kitchen layout you choose we can add features that will help protect it from the weather. This way you can achieve the look and feel that you want for your kitchen, while making the most out of the space.

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