Custom Finishes

Tell us what you would like for your ideal kitchen area and we’ll get it done for you.

As professional kitchen planners we can provide you with the best possible layout for your needs.

We specialize in providing expert guidance in coming up with designs appropriate for a wide variety of clients.

Your appliances help you turn raw ingredients into pure magic. We can help you set up burners, friers, fridges, ovens and more fixtures that will allow you to whip up great dishes. Especially in a busy kitchen, time is off the essence which is why our kitchen designs are laid out so you can work smoothly.

The splashback while acting as a layer that protects the walls from heat and liquids, can also serve as a stylistic element. Tiled splashbacks are particularly versatile as they come in a variety of colours for you to choose from. If you want a more subdued, minimalistic feel you can choose neutral colours such as beige, white or gray. Another option is to use brightly coloured tiles which will provide an attractive focal point.

We will also make use of drawers, cabinets and other fixtures that will mesh with the colour motif of your kitchen. Depending on your desired style we can install these in a wide variety of colours and finishes. Among the most popular is the waterborne finish which gives the kitchen a glossy look. Timber finishes are also very popular which will make your kitchen look and feel earthy and natural.

Let’s not forget about your kitchen flooring which also helps set the tone. We can install kitchen flooring in a variety of materials and finishes such as vinyl which is durable and versatile. For a more earthy feel we can also make use of a wide range of timber flooring.

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At Finch Kitchens, we are a team of professional kitchen planners servicing a variety of clients in Surfers Paradise. With years of experience in designing and building kitchens, you can be assured of top quality service.


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